Name of higher education
Higher education study programme for hospitality and tourism
Name of professional
education and
its abbreviated form
Organizator / organizatorka poslovanja v gostinstvu in turizmu (Organiser of hospitality and tourism operations
(org. posl. gost. tur.)
Duration of study and
evaluation with
credit points
Study lasts for two years.
The study programme is evaluated by 120 credit points (cp) under the ECTS system.

Conditions for enrolment
Conditions for the enrolment in the higher education programme are as follows:
  • general or vocational Matura or equivalent graduation under previous regulations, or
  • master craftsman, foreman or chief clerk certificate along with a minimum of three-year work experience and a bridging exam in general secondary school subjects in the scope as laid down for vocational Matura in technical secondary education.
Conditions for progressing
and completion of study

Conditions for progressing:
VIn order to progress to year 2 of the study, the student has to pass the obligations of year 1 modules, subjects and practical education (including workshops, seminar works, projects, examinations) in the extent of not fewer than 45 CP, and the obligations arising from practical education have to be met completely.

A student may attend a year of study again provided he/she has fulfilled study obligations and practical education for that same year of study evaluated at not fewer than 20 CP, and the obligations arising from the workshops and practical education have to be met completely. Repeated attending of a year of study is approved by the Higher Vocational College commission on the basis of an application by the student in writing.

Conditions for completion of the study:
In order to complete the study programme and to attain the education, the student has to meet all the programme study obligations (examinations, workshops, seminar works), as follows:

1. All compulsory modules in the extent of 67 credit points:

I. Communication 15 cp
II. Economics and operations 15 cp
III. Environment protection 12 cp
VI. Marketing 15 cp
VII. Operations in hospitality and tourism 10 cp

2. The following elective modules in the extent of 43 credit points:

IV. Culinary and serving skills or
V. Introduction to hospitality 18 cp
VIII. projects in hospitality or
IX.F & B or
X. Projects in tourism or 25 cp
XI. Congress tourism or
XII. Wellness tourism

3. Elective subject (5 credit points)

4. Diploma work (5 credit points)

The topic of the diploma paper is laid down by the mentor of the organisation where the student undergoes practical education and a higher vocational college lecturer. Within his/her diploma work, the student can also prepare and implement a project, a product or service.